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As a South American, it is a well-known fact that Pope Francis is passionate about soccer and

he frequently talks about sports. In fact, every Pope since at least the time of Pius XII (+1958)

has made it a point in their pontificate to address athletes and the role of sports in the building

up of a just society. This highlights the value the Church sees in athletics and athletes.

Recently, Pope Francis while speaking with a group of athletes, talked about how there were

three ways of education for young people: the way of “education, work and sports.” None are

mutually exclusive of the other. In fact, each relies upon and builds upon the others. The Pope

went on to explain that athletes must never settle for being mediocre because that is good

training for the soul as we struggle for, as St. Paul says, “a crown of glory that lasts.” (1 Cor

9:25, St. John Chrysostom) The other benefit in the spiritual life that we derive from athletics

is the inclusion of community: we learn to accept one another, and every athlete learns that he plays a part for the good of

the larger whole. As in our baptism, we are clothed with a white garment denoting “putting on the mind of Christ” so too

putting on the St. Thomas jersey means giving up of one’s individual identity to become the corporate body of St. Thomas

and together we are stronger, better.

In this jubilee year of the production of this great publication, we give thanks to God for the many talented and gifted student-

athletes who make up the body of St. Thomas. We also give thanks to the Almighty from whom every blessing flows, for the

parents, guardians, family members, coaches and all of those who up to this point have sacrificed something of themselves so

that St. Thomas may flourish.

May God, through the intercession of St. Thomas Aquinas, continue to bless all our endeavors and plans.

Eagle Fight Never Dies!

Fr. Patrick W. Fulton, CSB


St. Thomas High School

Fr. Patrick W. Fulton, CSB