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Eagle Guard

Tom Eagle is a mascot and iconic part of St. Thomas High School. In 1958 seniors Mike Storey, John Idoux, Jimmy Downs,

and Bill Hannah rounded up $400 from 162 seniors to build Tom from chicken wire, papier-mache and fiberglass. Tom sizes

in at a respectable 5 foot 2 inches and he weighs 150 pounds. In 2007, a disaster struck when Tom was stolen. The story of

Tom’s disappearance spread to the

Houston Chronicle

and the alumni of the Class of 1958 were heartbroken by the news. A

replica Tom was made, the new Tom, also constructed by the Class of 1958, was made in similar fashion but cost much more

than the original $400. The new Tom was built heavier and was implanted with a tracking device to reduce the risk of theft.

Although the original Tom was returned, the mascots needed a form of protection and thus, the Eagle Guard was formed.

The Eagle Guard consists of 6 to 9 St. Thomas seniors whose main duty is to protect Tom Eagle at all cost. However, the role

of the Eagle Guard has grown to much more. Eagle Guards today lead pep rallies, enhance school spirit, and lead cheers at

every sporting event Tom Eagle attends.

To be an Eagle Guard is a great honor. Eagle Guard is a very historic and respectable way a senior can represent his class. The

Eagle Guard will continue to protect Tom Eagle and lead St. Thomas spirit as long as the school lives.