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This information has been provided as a general overview only. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained herein constitutes an advertisement, a solicitation or an invitation by any member

of the Macquarie Group to buy or sell any product or security nor offer any banking or financial service or facility by any member of the Macquarie Group to any individual or entity. Macquarie Bank

Limited maintains Representative Offices in the states of New York, Texas and Illinois, but is not authorized to conduct banking business in the US or Canada.

Macquarie is a leading provider of investment, advisory,

trading and financial services across a diverse range of

sectors around the world. Our legacy of 46 years of unbroken

profitability is a result of constantly looking for opportunities

that make a difference for our clients.

As a full-service provider of energy solutions, Macquarie has

a long history of helping our partners achieve success in

Houston and around the world. That’s why we’re proud to

support St. Thomas High School athletics.

Go Eagles!

A proud supporter of Eagle athletics

Macquarie Energy:

Helping to Fuel

Success in Houston

2015-2016 Football Sponsor