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Welcome to our 30th Anniversary edition of the award-winning Eagles’ Pride magazine. What makes this magazine so great is the family

of loyal supporters that continue to advertise and support the Booster Club year over year. We are excited to celebrate its success with a

special 30th Anniversary celebration honoring our long-term advertisers at Granger Stadium at the football game on Friday, October 16.

I would like to thank all of our supporters and the Booster Club members for all of their tireless efforts to help insure that the St. Thomas

Athletic program is the most vibrant it can be. I would like to congratulate Mike Netzel, athletic director, and all of the coaches and boys

for their continued successes both on and off of the field. St. Thomas has now won the All-Sports trophy the past six years!

The Booster Club contributes close to $100,000 annually to help support the athletic program. Our three largest fundraisers are the

Eagles’ Pride magazine, Merchandise sales and Concessions sales. All of these take a lot of time and effort, but the results speak for

themselves. The best part is we all enjoy the long-term friendships we have built through our camaraderie working on these endeavors


The Booster Club is open to all parents. We encourage everyone to come to our meetings and to get involved. The Booster Club provides

funds to all sports and we want all sports represented at the meetings. Whether you want to help sell merchandise or man the Holy

Smoker or tailgate in the grove before a game, we would love to invite you to be part of the Booster Club family.

Eagle Fight Never Dies!

Steve M. Winter

Booster Club President

TOP ROW: Debe Madden, Paula Winter, Brenda Lanza, Lynda Carnegie, Bonnie Sullivan

BOTTOM ROW: James Brolan, Steve Winter, David Verdun

The Booster Club could not be more proud of our young men and their performances this past year.